Sunday, January 22, 2012

a beautiful mess

i can’t cry, so I gotta laugh
i’m just a beautiful mess, like an autograph
but far from famous, like a star that’s flameless
kinda burned out, charred and nameless
where I’m from, cops kill us cause it’s hard to tame us
they say we’re armed and dangerous
but I’m a black rose that blossomed in a dark place, where a dark face
means you start from behind, but despite the grind
all I needed was a little bit of light to shine
it’s hard to stay positive, through the trials and the tribs
it aint pretty, but it works, so I get it how I live
knowing something’s gotta give and my family gotta eat
in other words, make it happen even if I gotta cheat
yeah, I did a few things that might’ve hurt my image
but if it helped me survive, then it’s the perfect blemish
cause I’d rather win ugly, than lose with finesse
a battered and bruised champion – a beautiful mess.

This is about being human.  Most of us try to be good people and do good things, but we are flawed and imperfect.  Sometimes life is hard and we do ugly things to survive, both physically and emotionally.  However, a person’s (or group of peoples) adaptability, resilience, and will to survive is always beautiful.


  1. Keep writing, friend! You have a gift, and one way or another, it should come out!

  2. thank you for reminding me that iam not perfect & I need not to be perfect.